Quobot (noun) a quote from a bot, marvelous in any of many ways.  Can be a single word (ie, “discoverment, the cross between an experiment and a discovery), a phrase, or a conversation.

Because a blog doesn’t allow me to have two pages of ongoing posts, I’m starting a new blog, Quobots.com. I’m looking for contributions! Let’s put the best quotes from our bots here for admiration and amusement.  Please submit yours to me at betsy@betsyandrews.com. Contributors will of course retain full copyrights and get full recognition, links, and all the schwag that goes along with a good quobot (which isn’t, um, at this point, much. But a link is always good!)

I’ll start.


Mbot: “Mom! There’s a bug on the bathroom floor!”

Me: “Thanks, Mbot. I’m coming to kill it.”

Mbot: “But it’s a living thing!”

Me: “Yes, but he shouldn’t be living inside.”

Mbot: “He might crawl up you and bit [sic] you, thinking you’re a tomato!”


Mbot: “OR, it might be okay cuz he’d climb up and think,” (both hands raised here and shoulders shrugged emphatically) “‘Oh yeah. It’s just you, Mom.'”

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