About Betsy Andrews Etchart

If I look slightly blurry here, it is either because said muse took the picture, or because I am slightly blurry these days.

Hi. My name is Betsy, and I’m a mother.

I’m also an award-winning magazine writer, and I’ve taught contemporary women’s memoir/essay at Phoenix College (not to be confused with the University of Phoenix). I founded the meetup MotherWriter, a group that met monthly to discuss the fine art and craft of writing, mothering, and balancing the two. Then our bots grew into kindergarten, and many of us got jobs and were just too busy to meet. But lifelong friends were made.

I graduated from Mount Holyoke College long ago and then in 2007, I returned to academia for an MFA from Goucher College’s Creative Nonfiction program  www.goucher.edu/mfa. Due to a completely unrelated act, I gave birth just over nine months later.

I began this blog as a much-needed morning meditation, and called it “five to six.” My hope was that it would allow me to focus on things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I theorized that if I gave them my full attention, they would give me–and any readers–moments of lucidity and levity. But day after day, I missed my self-allotted time slot, due to short, noisy factors, and it seemed that, after three months, the only thing I was consistently commenting on was superhero suits, superhero masks, miniature superheroes, and superhero underpants.

I soon realized that along with the other things often found in superhero underpants, there is magic. They make whoever’s wearing them feel a little bit taller, a little bit stronger, and little bit more in control than they actually are.

For a couple of years, the only chance I got to put mine on was here.

After a two and a half year hiatus, I’m back in Blogtopia, because the bots are old enough now for me to reread old posts and see how far we’ve come. Although they claim they can, and launch into imaginative stories of grossness, they can’t even remember wearing diapers. And my current memory-recording system of shoving scraps of paper scribbled with quotes into drawers is just not very gratifying or efficient although it makes looking for spare phone chargers or extra batteries or the headphones I know are somewhere more fun.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

20 thoughts on “About Betsy Andrews Etchart

  1. You are an amazing writer, but I’ve known that since you were five–the Guru agrees so it must be true! Mom and Dad

  2. I have been blogging for 4 years and love it. Here are 3 things that you might not yet have found out:
    1. Put a a top post list in your sidebar. People will read your top posts to let you know which way the wind blows.
    2. Re-publish your best stories after about 6 months.
    3. I love language and the things that can be made via language but have little by little found out that most of my readers, about 500 a day, come from Google images…..:-(

    • Thank you–I really appreciate the tips! I’m impressed that you have so many readers, even if most of them are just looking for pictures. I haven’t had much time to work on upping my numbers–one of these days.

    • The weebots’ come from Target, but, sadly, the metaphorical pairs are so much harder to come by. If I could figure out a way to make and market them, I’d have my fortune. (Or maybe if mine were just a little more powerful, I’d have my fortune.) Maybe I’m not actually wearing superhero underpants, even metaphorically–maybe I’m just looking at myself through superhero underpant-colored glasses. The jury is still out….

  3. Read your blog for the first time….we both post on PublishersMarketPlace. Love your images & the “language.” My boys made up their own & could speak very quickly to each other. Ahhh…making memories that last! Keep watching & the writing will write itself!

  4. Betsy,
    I am loving SHUP — especially the last few posts about visiting your grandmother.
    (If you are wondering who I am, we sat together and talked (and talked) at Dan’s and Teresa’s anniversary party this summer. I am sorry it’s taken me so long to get in touch!)

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