Where Hemlines and Water Balloons Belong


What’s wrong with this picture?

This morning we watched Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Gbot identified what is wrong with the doll on the Island of Misfit Toys:  “Her dress is too short.” Mbot heartily agreed. “It is definitely way too short,” repeated Gbot.

I gave thanks that my two boys know that a crotch-skimming skirt is unacceptable attire, even for a toy.

Also thankful that yesterday I caught them while they were not very sneakily sneaking a giant water balloon into their bedroom closet. They had named the translucent green, five-pound blob Georgie the First. With bated breath, I gingerly conveyed Georgie out the front door, explaining that the natural habitat of water balloons is OUTSIDE. Hemlines do not belong at the hip, water balloons do not belong in the closet.

Also thankful I had the wits to inquire if there were Georgies the Second and Third.

And that Georgie the Fourth (the runt) survived the drive to the speech therapist’s office in Mbot’s pocket.

And that I live with people who name water balloons.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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