The Circles of Life

(Artist: Mbot. Medium: Play-Doh.)

(Artist: Mbot. Medium: Play-Doh.)

The bike rack arrived, so we’re ready to load up for the drive to Idaho tomorrow.

After the second lumpectormy, my own rack has been given the all-clear, too. Vacation time! Radiation doesn’t start ’til mid-August, and I will cross that isodose when I come to it. In the festive mood that’s permeating the household, the bots have been conducting business as usual.

From the Bathroom:

Mbot, perched on the toilet, expresses concern about using too much toilet paper, because it is Bad For The Earth. “We don’t want another tree to die, Mom!” He calls out, bare butt hanging halfway down to the water in the bowl. I consider myself Earth-friendly, but considering what’s in the bowl, I’m more than willing to say sayonara to a giant sequoia if that’s what it takes.

“How do they get the giant tree into the office?”

Me: “Into where, Sweetie Piglet?”

Mbot: “How do they get the giant tree into the toilet paper making office?”

From the after-dinner popcorn party:

Gbot: “Can we plant these (kernels) and grow a popcorn tree?”

popcorn tree circle of life

It’s not exactly The Lion King, but it’s the circle of life nonetheless. It feels good to be rolling again.

4 thoughts on “The Circles of Life

    • 🙂 You rock. I’m lucky–fortunately, radiation’s only side effects are local to the affected area–various skin stuff–and fatigue. No hat necessary–but I’ll be needing a botsitter, if you’re up for that!

  1. I wish I could! (botsit – I know how much fun that is – thank you again for that week – we really enjoyed it) I’m sorry about the radiation – hope it’s very successful and over with fast. love to you all. aunt joan

    • Thanks, Aunt Joan! Time seems to go faster in our solar system, the one with the two soft stellar bodies chasing one another in erratic, uncalculatable orbits around doubtful double suns, with an ancient, fluffly dwarf planet (with pointy protrusions at one end, trailing a long tail from the other) lurking amidst the interplanetary debris.

      So I’m sure things will be back to normal–whatever that is–very soon!

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