It’s That Time Again….

My wine key broke the other night–good thing I own a tool box. It doesn’t exactly relate to my post, except that innovative problem solving is always a must when traveling with bots. And wine, afterward.

…time to get on an airplane with bots.

Yesterday I attended an all-day conference an hour away put on by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Tomorrow at 3:55 a.m., the bots and I leave for the airport to fly to Idaho. In between, we have to run a thousand errands and pack three small carry-ons and one medium suitcase to bring on Allegiant Air, whose low fares (the airline is affiliated with casinos) are less ridiculous only than the hoops they make you and your baggage jump through to get onboard. Fares do not include a seat or any luggage beyond a single “personal item” no bigger than 7″x15″x16″. I am betting on the fact that since the occupants of two seats have dimensions of approximately 40″ x 10″ x 7″, the staff will not charge for two very large stuffed bears.

Once I selected my flights online (a choice of flying either Monday or Friday), then I was sent to a seating chart, where each seat was assigned a different price. Not an extra price if I wanted a choice berth, just a price for sitting down. And they don’t allow you to stand up the whole time, although the bots would probably prefer that option.

My question: Can they factor in where the guy with the body-odor problem who jiggles his knee like he’s got a potty problem, chews gum with his mouth open, and sniffles every thirty seconds is seated? Shouldn’t you get a rebate for occupying the seat next to him? Fortunately, my seat companions are not the devils that I don’t know, but the devils that I do. It’s a nonstop flight, and we’ll be at Nanny and Poppy’s by noon, so I am trying to focus on that.

More on the very informative conference once we are on our way. Wish us luck.

6 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again….

  1. UGH! I do not like Allegiant Air. On a flight to Vegas (I never knew they were focused at casinos – ha!) I was allowed my carry on on the way to Vegas, but on the way back, they informed me it was too big. Same bag. Same luggage. We literally had a stare off at the counter – I won.

    • High five for winning the stare-off. That was $35 that you won–at least. I think our success–(they didn’t even make us put our carry-ons in the little size-check thing, and the bears breezed by with every employee oohing and aahing about the cuteness factor) was that Pheonix/Mesa Airport is tiny. So is Idaho Falls, our destination airport–so hopefully we won’t have to fight for free bear seats on the way home. If we do, I will pull out my Stare. So thanks for the tip.

  2. Amy–it totally depends on the airport. And probably on the employee. Coming back, my checked bag was two pounds overweight and I KNOW one of my “personal items” was oversize. The nice lady at the counter just told me that next time I should make sure my bag was forty pounds or less. No stare needed. Woohoo!

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