Cutest Kid Slippers Ever, Courtesy of the Thief in Vietnam,

Boiled Wool Slipper Boots, Sizes 04-3

who hacked my Paypal account this morning, purchasing three ugly wallets (NOT EVEN CUTE ONES), from three different sellers on eBay, causing me to spend my first two and a half hours alone in many days NOT devising a lovely Monday morning post but calling PayPal and Amex, and changing usernames and passwords on eBay, since “Note: It may take up to 180 days to close your account.” WTF? Now I’m on my way to the bank to deal with it at that end. So not what I’d fantasized about doing with my 2 1/2 bot-free hours this morning.

So I can’t write the post I’d hoped to, but I’m not going to let the bad person far away ruin my ambitions completely: before I head to the bank, I’m going to show you that there is a sale–20% off! on the Cutest Kid Slippers Ever at Garnet Hill.  The bots each have a pair of these boiled-wool babies, whose rubbery soles allow them to go from the bedroom to the Science Center with ease, and after two years, they show much less sign of wear than me. I tell you–cute, functional, and tough? They’re worth $44.00. And just for today, they’re only $36.00.

These slippers never go on sale. Ever. And they always sell out well before Christmas. And since I have to go home and get my other credit card before I can order even as much as a cup of coffee, please don’t buy the shark style in size 12.

2 thoughts on “Cutest Kid Slippers Ever, Courtesy of the Thief in Vietnam,

  1. Boo to the jerks who hacked your account! I am shaking my fist at them.

    Those slippers are super cute. I have tried to get my boys to wear slippers but with no luck at all (unless you count the times they steal mine.) They would rather be barefoot.

  2. ! I never realized I should appreciate the fact that the bots wear slippers! I am especially thankful when we visit my parents, whose hardwood floors that tend to be splintery.
    And thanks for the hacker sympathy. WHAT an enormous pain in the ass! Closing and changing internet accounts is mind-boggling–I had a hotmail account I’d totally forgotten about, opened a decade ago, whose security question was, “What’s your favorite movie?” ! Am I a moron if I can’t remember what my favorite movie was in 2002?

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