Great Toy Find: The Stomp Rocket Rocks


It’s been the greatest toy find since last year’s Strider bike (see “Look Ma, No Pedals!”). The rockets DO glow in the dark, as advertised. They DO go really high–it looked like 100 feet to me–as  advertised. And most important, when shot point blank at Mommy’s booty, neither the rocket nor the booty experience damage.

Launch preparation: No knowledge of physics, engineering, or how to make sense of assembly manuals written in poorly translated Mandarin necessary.

The only design flaw is at the point where the three legs of the launch stand fit together. They fit, but easily spring apart. I fixed the problem just as easily by wrapping the juncture with three inches of polka-dotted duct tape.

The Stomp Rocket Junior Glow Kit with four extra rockets, $22.42 on Amazon. Amazing fact: they are as fun as the kids on the box make them look.*                                                                        *This blog is not financially compensated by Stomp Rockets in any way, unfortunately.

The key to their success, I believe, lies in the simplicity of their design. It’s nothing that I couldn’t have made a crude version of myself, out of a whoopee cushion, a length of garden hose, a sawed-off snorkel affixed to four rulers strategically taped together, a few tennis balls with holes cut in them and, of course, the polka dotted duct tape.

In fact, the only improvement I can think of that would make them even more attractive to the bot-aged set is if the air reservoir did make a fart sound when you jumped on it, in addition to sending a rocket flying up into the air.

Keep your eyes open for the new and improved version.

6 thoughts on “Great Toy Find: The Stomp Rocket Rocks

  1. For clarification purposes this exact kit is the “Stomp Rocket Junior Glow Kit with Extra Jr. Glow Rocket Refills” and was purchased from Amazon for $22.42 each. Perhaps the $11.50 price is without Rocket Refills, which are a must for non-stop action!
    – Aunt Daisy

    • I KNEW $11.50 was less than I’d read on the receipt…thanks for the clarification! TOTALLY worth $22.42. In fact, I think that, to avoid misunderstandings and perhaps a full missile launch in my direction, I’ll update the caption.

    • And to think that I lived for so long without knowing about it. Literally hours of fun. Without much intervention. Which is, in this house, rare. I can just sit watching, with my glass of wine, basking in the glory of motherhood. ;>

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