Ironman, The Killer Pinata, Part 2: Taking Up Arms

I don’t think the Bionic Man started out this way.

But you have to start with something, and since we don’t have an abundance of seventh ribs to practice carving up, we here at Pinata Central use balloons, printer paper, and old-fashioned masking tape. We also consult a tape measure and the trusty Ironman Action Figure, to make sure we don’t end up with something that looks more like Babe or Benji than Robert Downey, Jr. in a puffy suit. I actually thought a few days ago that I should consult my friend Geo, who is a professional model-maker (as in models for sunglasses and ski goggles, not as in Cindy Crawford) and who has been known to fabricate not a few  fabulous Halloween costumes. (I am not always so good at recognizing the resources at hand.) So as soon as I have a spare minute, I’m going to ask him if he has any tips for pinata construction. If they are not copyrighted, I will share them with you.

This is what the arms looked like today, before the third layer of Sunday Sports and flour paste was applied during naptime:

Hanging by a pipe cleaner: Finally getting our money’s worth out of the chandelier above the dining table.

And hallelujah, there WAS a naptime. After the park, a playdate, pretend flying off the sofa, fighting over a fort, and swimming (well, not quite swimming yet. Highly chaperoned bobbing, dipping, kicking, and splashing). But really–thank the universe and big business for sun, chlorine, fossil fuels and car seats. The combo puts the bots right out, only a few hours after I’m ready to drop. So, Ironman, the Killer Pinata now has arms. And a head (not shown). Next stop: Legs. Do I really need two that look alike?

Yesterday’s news is today’s source of stress and tomorrow’s triumph….maybe.

7 thoughts on “Ironman, The Killer Pinata, Part 2: Taking Up Arms

  1. You are the best mom ever. That looks awesome!! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

  2. I have to admit when I saw the baby bottle balloon, I had no idea where you were going with that, but you have quite an eye for potential! Torso and codpiece all in one!

    • Yes! Yes! The codpiece is key. I LOVE a codpiece. Especially if you’ve seen the Ironman Action Figure, you see how it makes it SO much easier to attach the legs. Please tune in to see how he turns out–there are no guarantees of victory here.

    • I totally agree. I am getting more attached to Ironman with every strip of the Sunday Times that I apply. I’m thinking of hanging him really high so they can only hit his legs. And then I can rebuild them and he will live FOREVER!

    • The more I work, the more I wonder if I want it to get beaten to shreds. I’m thinking about making a small round one with a picture of Ironman on it, to be beaten to death, and this one can live on in the bots’ room forever and ever and ever!

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