Who? Who Bought These Things?

Who needs horror movies? Certainly not mothers, for whom horror is just a bottle of colored, no-stain bubbles away.

Can I blame my mother-in-law? Husbot? Santa Claus?


In a moment of innocence that turned out to be idiocy, optimism that turned to dismay, I purchased colored bubbles. “No-stain colored bubbles!” to be exact.

If you are a child, a fiberglass tub, or a concrete floor, the advertising stands up. They are indeed no-stain colored bubbles.

But if you are, say, a cotton towel that was a beachy Caribbean green, you are now a beachy Caribbean green with splotches of orange and lurid pthalo green.

Two plusses: As you can see, the bots loved them. And they blew really good bubbles.

But I’m just thinking colored no-stain bubbles: one of those inventions that should have never left the drawing board.

Can you think of any more?

Does this lipstick work with my eyes?

8 thoughts on “Who? Who Bought These Things?

  1. Moonsand! Whoever invented that should have their fingernails pulled off one by one and then have their raw nail beds rubbed with their invention – and I’m not a violent person. That is how much I despise that stuff.

  2. Lol. I got some of that once for the gks. Never again! Maybe for an outdoor kiddy pool some day. Bubbles of any kind tend to create chaos somewhere. 🙂

  3. You nailed it. They are chaos creators, no matter what. Even the seemingly trouble-free completely clear ones. They get spilled, someone slips, someone cries….they poured on someone’s head someone cries…At least I was the only one crying here.

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