Invisible Boundaries All Around

And so it seems the structure of a WordPress blog is much more rigid than I had imagined, and one cannot just post daily on every page. That’s what other blogs are for.

So I started another blog. It’s called In spite of the fact that I’ve already received some fabulous submissions, it’s not up and running yet because I spent my day in other ways.

This morning, I took the Bots  to a “playmate” (playdate) at Vbot’s house. She’s in our Music Together class, just turned two, and Mbot asked to have her for a sleepover, but I said, Let’s start with a playdate, shall we?

Vbot, so far, is an only child, and I was overwhelmed  by the order that rules her toys. She is bright, vivacious, and fun. Yet the Play Doh colors in her Play Doh hamburger making kit were not mixed. Her very cool mini-kitchen was not only stocked with fluff-balls in the mini-blender and an ice cream scoop in the Dreyer’s box in the freezer, but a few sealed mini-jars of stuff that Vbot has never attempted to open: She plays with them as they were meant to be played with.

I, on the other hand, live in a land of discoverments. Each boundary is pushed and breached as though it was invisible. I started imagining living in a world in which lids were left on jars and walls were left unclimbed, but was knocked out of my fantasy by the need to unmix the green, the brown, and the magenta Play Doh that Mbot had taken it upon himself to blend.

As soon as he can type, I will have Mbot make me a blog in which I can have lots and lots of posts on every page. I will transcend the invisible boundaries of the blogdom and mix green, brown, and magenta until it’s the most gorgeous hamburger anyone ever saw.

Until then, quotes from bots will have to wait until is online.

Note: Play Doh hamburger making kit: fabulous.

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