The Quobots Are Coming

Quobot (noun) a quote from a bot, marvelous in any of many ways.  Can be a single word (ie, “discoverment, the cross between an experiment and a discovery), a phrase, or a conversation.

I’ve started a new page called Quobots, and I’m looking for contributions! Let’s put the best quotes from our bots here for admiration and amusement.  Please submit yours to me at Contributors will of course retain full copyrights and get full recognition, links, and all the schwag that goes along with a good quobot (which isn’t, um, at this point, much. But a link is always good!)

I’ll start, and I’ll post this here on my main page, too, because I’m still figuring out how these different pages work.


Mbot: “Mom! There’s a bug on the bathroom floor!”

Me: “Thanks, Mbot. I’m coming to kill it.”

Mbot: “But it’s a living thing!”

Me: “Yes, but he shouldn’t be living inside.”

Mbot: “He might crawl up you and bit [sic] you, thinking you’re a tomato!”


Mbot: “OR, it might be okay cuz he’d climb up and think,” (both hands raised here and shoulders shrugged emphatically) “‘Oh yeah. It’s just you, Mom.’”

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