Dispatch from Idaho: All Of Us Made It, Bearly

Saturday 8 a.m., Camelback Mountain. The great thing about being 43 inches tall instead of 41 inches tall is that you can see out the airplane windows.

I don’t recommend doing this on five hours of sleep, but we made it from Phoenix to Hailey, Idaho on Saturday morning without leaving anyone behind.

The leaving behind didn’t happen until later.

This was only the third airplane trip of over a dozen that Husbot has been able to join us on, which made things exponentially easier, once we got to the airport. There were some tense moments on the way to the airportl, when the route to the freeway that I’d planned was ignored…one good thing about being the only grownup in a travel party is that everyone else might be yelling as they run in the other direction with full diapers, but at least they don’t second-guess your mapping skills.)

When you leave the house at 6 a.m., dress them in their travel attire the night before. All the other passengers were jealous of their comfy duds.

After that, it was smooth sailing. On the thirty minute drive to Terminal 3, Husbot and I reviewed options in the absence of curbside check-in.

There was curb-side check-in.

And TSA has recently changed its shoe removal policy: children under the age of twelve can leave their dragon slippers on.

There was only a ten-minute wait at security.

There was a play area at our gate, which was right next to the Starbucks.

Once onboard, the popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and duct tape kept Mbot busy until we could turn on our approved electronic devices.

The gods were smiling on us.

I wondered when I would pay.

On the leg from Salt Lake City to Hailey, both bots fell asleep on the plane.

We were met at the airport by Nanny, Poppy, and my sister (Aunt Susan, who has been featured in several posts, is noted for her long and imaginative phone messages (Hello, This is the Sister That You Don’t Have, Calling), her graphic descriptions of reflexology (Reflexology: The New Safe Sex?) and her creation of The Swim Jammie (Building the Future, One Accident at a Time.)

1 p.m.: Nanny's and Poppy's at last! It was all worth while.

We played in the snow with cousins.

At this point, I had been up for over sixteen hours. We drove north into Ketchum to the timeshare my cousin have generously loaned us for a week. We ate a delicious turkey pot pie that my mother had made for us. She’d also stocked the condo with every necessity from diapers and decaf to a toy basket filled with crayons, wooden blocks, and Hot Wheels. Everyone climbed back into pajamas. We watched The Aristocats and read a few books.

Gbot climbed into bed with Spruce Bear. Mbot climbed into bed with….”Mom? Where’s Junepbear?”

8 p.m.: alpenglow

I climbed back into the car and drove seven miles south to Nanny and Poppy’s, where Junepbear was shooting the breeze with a few stuffed of my brother’s stuffed animals, circa 1975.

But I was glad everything hadn’t gone completely as planned. The impromptu drive gave me almost forty minutes to myself in the car, and I got to see the last of the pink glow of winter sun on the peaks of the Boulder Mountains. (Really–I didn’t leave Junepbear behind on purpose.)

And now, it’s time to go play in the snow. Or take a nap?

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