Reality Bites

available for humans and werewolves for just $24.95 at

Why I like having a twenty-eight month-old in the back seat:

This morning, an F-16 coming in for a landing at the nearby Air Force base roared over the car.

Gbot: “Dat’s a werewolf!”


“It sounds like he’s in trouble!”


“Yet’s save him with my super powers!”


“We NOT going to shoot him.”


“You yike werewolves?”

Me: “I do, if they’re friendly werewolves.”

“The werewolf NOT going to bite me! I going to save him with my yasso.”

Me: “Are you Wonder Woman?”

“I NOT Wonder Woman. I Batman!”

I can’t remember which writer or actor–Lily Tomlin? said that she prefers reality in small doses. But I agree. I like a reality that encompasses so much unreality.

What makes loud noises in your world?

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