Junepbear 1, Outside World 0

This computer game from 1992 pretty much says it all. http://www.gamegraveyard.net

As it was, neither of us had to grow up. This morning, I asked Mbot if I could borrow Junepbear to give him a bath before show-and-tell. Mbot put his face close to Junepbear and I could hear him take a deep sniff. “But he smells great!” he said.

At the first opportunity, I loaded Junep into the Automobot so I wouldn’t forget him in the chaos of getting everyone else loaded up. And then Mbot announced that he wanted to take his new superhero book for show-and-tell, instead of Junepbear.

“Are you sure, Bug?” I asked, now a little disappointed that Junepbear wouldn’t be introduced to the Outside World.

“Yeah! I want to show them my favorite page.”

I put the book in the car so I wouldn’t forget it.

“You can decide which you want to take to show-and-tell on the way to school,” I told Mbot as he headed out.

“But I already decided,” he said. “I’m going to take Junepbear and the book.”

“But you can only take one,” I said.

“But I’m going to show everyone how I read to Junepbear.”

Now, I have a high regard for logic, even if its source is a three-year-old angling to take his bear to school.

At the door, Mrs. Pursell greeted him, with his armload of superhero book and Junepbear, eagerly exclaiming, “It must be your show and tell day!”

Mbot, his superhero book, and his giant, great-smelling bear disappeared onto the playground. It’s the first time he hasn’t run back to hug and kiss me goodbye.

Three hours later, he was the first kid to emerge from the classroom. “We really enjoyed “Superman versus Mongul,” said Mrs. Pursell.

“What did you tell the other kids about Junepbear?” I asked Mbot.

He smiled, hugging his bear. “I told them I sleep with him and play with him.”

“What did they say?” I asked.

“They said that he’s beautiful.”


Did you dare to share your bear today?

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