Sending Up Cool Words

Eyes and throat behaving (almost) normally at last. Midgets behaving completely normally: yesterday morning, Gbot squeezed hand cream all over a box and Mbot shook Gbot’s milk-filled sippy cup into the mouth of the tyrannosaurus but the milk mostly ended up all over the rug. In the aftetrnoon, Gbot doused himself in cold coffee that I’d forgotten to remove from Midget-level and the cup crashed to the floor. Body fluids were mopped from the floor, fortunately, none of them blood. No one listened on our walk, making me marvel at the selective deafness of all three (both Midgets and the dog). I thought briefly of the Christmas cards I’ve been trying to send out. I suppose now they will be New Year’s cards. Or President’s Day cards or Valentine cards. Bastille Day. Columbus Day.

I wouldn’t bother but I believe they’re important. I don’t want to be one of those people who people forget to care about because we apparently don’t care enough about them to keep in touch. But keeping in touch sometimes stretches my abilities. I have to remind myself how important it is.

Mbot just came into the room and climbed up onto the bed. I think my blogging moment for the day is over.

“Mom, there was a little tiny battle in my nose. It just taked for a little bit of years, a whole bunch of years. I had to get some…some blood that was not good for the other cilia and silly looking blood cell guys, so I had to get it out of my nose.”

“Did you need a tissue?”

“Yeah, I need to get another one off.” Pause. He scooted close under the covers to look at the computer screen. “Yeah, those are cool words you’re putting on your computer. Are those computer words? Are you sending up the words?”

“Yes, Bug.”

“I have a secret, mom. I love you. I don’t want Tesserwell to get cranky with Gbot because I love Gbot. I keep him safe and warm. When he gets cold, I spread a blanket over him.” Oh. Maybe that’s why he was pushing a big pillow on his brother’s head yesterday.

The day’s begun. The blog post scooted out under the wire but don’t bother checking the mailbox for a New Year’s card yet. But at least I got to send up a few words.

Are you sending up cool words today?

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