A Boy and a Very Big Tree

Taken six weeks ago north of Flagstaff, a picture of one of the earth’s medium-sized organisms among the stems of a member of earth’s largest species.

Although this is only a very small aspen stand, the quaking aspen has a root system that can extend for over a hundred acres underground, the largest belonging to a stand named Pando, which Wikipedia reports is estimated to weigh in at 6,600 short tons (that’s the American version of a ton, a mere 2,000 pounds, in contrast to the British long pound of 2,240 pounds) and be 80,000 to 1 million years old, although the individual trunks average 130 years.

That’s all for now. Just in case you’re feeling old and fat today, what with with holiday wear and bloatation.

It really can be beautiful can’t it?


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