There I Was, Looking for Eskimo Yoyos (Adventures in Online Shopping)

Available in rabbit or Tibetan lamb. Lamb's not just for Easter anymore!

I thought I’d offer a bit of shopping advice, as we’re going into the Black Friday weekend: expect the unexpected.

The above picture is from a website called Blue Arctic Gifts, and offers, I believe, the strongest argument yet put forth for banning real fur from the marketplace:  a jockstrap, available in either rabbit or Tibetan lamb fur, offered this weekend for $25.99.

I did not find this website–my sister did, while looking for Eskimo yoyos to put in her twins’ stockings. Eskimo yoyos have two things in common with a jock strap of Tibetan goat fur: they are made by Northern Native American peoples, and they are furry. That was enough for Google.

For anyone who did not grow up in Alaska, this is an Eskimo yoyo:

For $3 more than the jockstrap, you can get an actual Eskimo yoyo at the University of Alaska Museum of the North Store

It is generally made from two stuffed seal-skin balls connected by  string, with a sealskin tab, uncentered, between them on the string. You hold the tab and try to get the two balls swinging in wide circles in opposite directions, using a gentle rhythmic wrist motion. You first get one going, then you swing the other one into the air. It’s easy once you know how, just like using a search engine.

My sister has a history of intriguing  internet searches. Several years ago, she was looking for a pair of flip-flops. She came up with a site that offered items other than shoes. “Maybe add ‘shoes’ or ‘sandals’ to the search request,” I suggested, when she called, scandalized by her newfound and unwanted knowledge. I still haven’t done the flip-flop search because I’m afraid that it would somehow put me on some mailing list I don’t want to be on.

So be careful, this weekend, shoppers. You might get more than you bargained for.

What’s your most unexpected internet shopping adventure?

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