If it’s Windy Enough, I Can Fly

Maybe it was just the last-minute homemade mask that kept him on the ground.

Mbot, wearing his Batman costume before he became Spider-Man: “If it’s windy enough, I can fly.”

He studied the sky. “I think it’s windy enough.”

He stood on the patio, arms spread. “It’s not going very well.”

There is a whole essay here about limitations, and discovering them. About figuring out whether it really isn’t windy enough, or if you couldn’t fly even in a gale. About how hard you try, in different circumstances, and what kind of person that makes you. And whether the kind of person that makes you depends on the outcome. But that essay will have to wait.

The common cold has made itself at home in my lungs. The Tylenol is semi-effective. The Midgets are perfectly healthy and I try not to cough on them. There is a new crayon drawing on the living room wall but at least the poop has been scrubbed from the tub. Effective mothering, managing a household, and maintaining a blog–even a very humble one–seems the equivalent of hitting Mach 1 wearing a polyester cape. It’s not going very well.

Are your abilities up to your aspirations today? Or is it still too early to tell?

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