What I Value Most

This little brooch is among the crown jewels of France, made by Napoleon's fave jeweller, Francois-Regnault Nitot, for Empress Marie-Louise in 1810. (www.royalmagazine.de)

From the backseat:

Gbot: “I want…be Batman.”

Mbot: “Mom, does Catwoman do bad things to Batman?”

Now, I’ve always been a little confused about Catwoman myself, who I know almost nothing about except that she looks good in a leather jumpsuit and she’s bad, for some reason, like she steals diamonds, but also good in some way, like she doesn’t harm anyone. Surely that would include Batman. Especially since he’s got the utility belt and the Bat-a-rang and all.

Me: “I don’t think so, Potato Bug. I think mainly she’s a burglar and she takes really important things.”


Mbot: “Does she steal people’s bears?”

I can’t remember what I said. I think I assured him that no, she does not, so as to avoid nightmares and unnecessary worrying.

If she were judging only on importance to the burglee, what object would Catwoman take from me? I am legally blind, testing at about 20/400, and so Catwoman would definitely snag my contact lenses, without which I would quickly be trampled by the herd.

What would she take from you?

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