It’s an Amazonly Small World

Technology blogger Steve Yu elfed himself at

My little brother called tonight. He’s the one in Japan, who did not build a house next door to my mother and open up a doughnut shop with a special parking spot just for her, as he’d promised when he was eight (see Greetings From Tomorrow). He called to blab, but also to alert me to watch for two Amazon packages that will soon be arriving at my door. It’s a good thing he called, because Amazon packages arrive at my door several times a week, usually, old-fashionedly, containing books. When I see his, I would have just wondered what it was that I’d forgotten I’d ordered.

They are Christmas presents. He’s done his shopping early. The boxy one, he warned me, is not wrapped internally because it will be shipped from a thirty-party. Orders from Japan: Do not open until Christmas. The smaller, thinner one will contain an item that has been gift wrapped by Amazon. So I can open the external packaging now and put the wrapped gift  in the closet ’til the big day.

“You know what’s funny?” I said. “Mbot’s school is doing a fundraiser that involves mothers doing a five hour stint gift wrapping at the local Amazon distribution center, the one in the middle of fields of organic mustard greens and arugula, that was just a big new empty building for so long and then suddenly it was Amazon. For every present I wrap, the school gets seventy-five cents. So there is a chance I might wrap my own present.”

“If you end up writing your own card, feel free to spice it up a little,” he replied.

What’s the most intriguing coincidence your day has brought you?

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