So This Bunny Goes into a Phone Booth….

Available in 1969, still on shelves in 2011.

On second thought, maybe it is not a pattern for a bunny suit, but for a puppy suit with a gratuitous ruff. No matter. The relevant point is that no sewing pattern manufacturer has obtained licenses from Marvel Comics. And so, this indistinct pink pawed creature from the sixties can–with scissors, a measuring tape, a short stack of printer paper, Scotch tape,¬† a yard each of red and blue fleece, a tube of glow-in-the-dark 3D fabric paint, sixteen inches of Velcro, and thirty-four cents worth of white mesh–go into a patio home in West Phoenix and come out…

Is the real reason Peter Parker wears this suit to hide his pull-ups?


Red socks over rain boots sold separately.

And, thanks to the miracle that is fleece, you can be a super hero and be fluffy, too. (See I Just Wanted You to be Something Fluffy.)

Have you effected a stunning transformation?

5 thoughts on “So This Bunny Goes into a Phone Booth….

  1. Had you asked, The Guru of Most Things could have informed you that the easiest and quickest route to a Spiderman suit is arrange for the prospective wearer to be bitten by a RADIOACTIVE SPIDER. This is how the ordinary dude who became Spiderman in the comics originally obtained his superpowers. You really should watch more History Channel……..

  2. You did the gold spidery drawing all yourself? Holy glitterpaint, Wonder Woman. You need to put that costume under glass and frame it, and hang it in a prominent place where people will admire it.

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