Sayin’ Yes on a Saturday Night Just Don’t Look Like it Used To

I say no all day long. Don’t draw on the walls. No hitting your brother. No more hot chocolate today.

(“Why, Mom?”

“Because it will give you a stomachache.”

“Will I explode?”

“Yes, and then I will be very sad.”

“Why, Mom?”

“Because it will be a really big clean-up job. And also I would miss you.”)

But this (see above picture) is me tonight. And so I turned a blind eye while I was making dinner, when the Midgets merrily made off with a roll of streamers from the birthday present wrapping supply bag that I hadn’t had time to put away after the birthday party we went to this afternoon.

The question becomes one of value and priorities: Do I expend time, energy, and dwindling emotional reserves to save the life of a roll of tie-dye party streamers? Or do I sacrifice the streamers, bought for no more than $3 at Target months ago, deal with the guilt about the trees wasted on their behalf, and let the Midgets entertain themselves thinking they are being naughty while I finish making dinner in the peace the streamers have bought me?

I just said yes on a Saturday night. It sure don’t look like it used to.

1968 Sears Tulip Panty Set on eBay

Do you say yes sometimes just because it’s easier?

2 thoughts on “Sayin’ Yes on a Saturday Night Just Don’t Look Like it Used To

  1. Sometimes I say yes because it’s sweeter. 🙂 Sometimes I stop and think and wonder why I’m saying no, and sometimes the reason is silly or selfish unimportant. And then I say yes. And I hope that my daughters will remember the yeses with fondness when they grow up. 🙂

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