Thirty-One Day Update: Bug Team Loses, Our Team Gains

In celebration of one month (and a day) of blogging, I thought I’d find other things that were a month old, thinking that healthy comparisons would kind of show me if my progress was Outstanding, Satisfactory, on In Need of Improvement (see Mountain Day, Here I Come!)

So here we go:

Buy Now! Pretty cute, but bad taste in backgrounds.

This is a four week-old Satin Peruvian guinea pig. The last guinea pig I held wet himself on my favorite red and white checked pants in 1975. Guinea pigs are sedentary to a fault and have kind of coarse hair that is not gratifying to caress, so I moved on.

Here is the next thing I found:

Ham and cheese sandwich photographed by Charmaine Frost.

A ham and cheese sandwich left in the fridge for four weeks. In this case, on purpose, by Connecticut photographer Charmaine Frost for the sole purpose of capturing its decay on memory chip. It is part of a series called The Beauty of Mould, and, as long as you don’t have to smell it, there is a certain beauty. It resembles an exotic foreign landscape photographed from above and, indeed, it is.

I looked up mealworms, but they are still at a very unphotogenic larval stage at four weeks.

The only aardvark I found was 6 1/2 weeks old, so it’ll have to wait.

I could not find a baby narwhal.

Comparisons can be counterproductive anyway. The measure of quality is subjective in things that aren’t, say, airplane engine parts. The measure of value, which is different, is even more subjective, as anyone who bought a house in 2006 is well aware. It’s determined by others. My little “stats” bar, (to which I shook a debilitating addiction a week ago), tells me if I’m doing anyone besides myself any good.

The numbers are promising.

Thank you, readers, for that. Glad to have you here.

Today Mbot ran in his first 3-year-old relay race at a toddler party. He was on the Bug Team. On the drive there, I was trying to explain what a “team” was. “It’s when you run and then pass the beanbag to another kid, and he runs and passes it to the next kid, and you all try to win together!”

No one at the toddler party can figure out who won, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t the Bug Team, because Gbot, who had somehow been made anchor, mutinied in favor of the swing set.

A writer is useless without readers, and so we are a team. According to my little stats bar,  we are doing better than the Bug team. But who’s making comparisons?

And what do people who are fond of guinea pigs see in them, anyway?

4 thoughts on “Thirty-One Day Update: Bug Team Loses, Our Team Gains

  1. My daughter’s first four legged pet was a guinea pig. Edward R. Burrow provided a lesson in journalism, and ultimately, a lesson in consistent care and the consequences of the lack thereof. It’s possible we saw too much in him, and our expectation of award-winning tunnelistic excellence was the cause of his demise; but we’ve refused to seriously entertain that possibility.

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