I Just Wanted You to Be Something Fluffy

Mbot wants to be Spiderman for Halloween. He’s had trouble deciding among all the delectable choices:

Buzz Lightyear.

A tyrannosaurus.

A fairy princess (“Mom, do they make boy fairy princess costumes too?” “Yes, Moon Pie”).

A stegosaurus.

A storm trooper with a storm trooper gun like the one at “Harry Potter’s Library” (Peter Piper’s Pizza, actually. Memory is a funny thing.)

A butterfly. (“Mom, do they make boy butterfly costumes?” “Yes, Moon Pie.”)

Any bad guy at all.

This morning, he wanted to be a soldier inside the bloodstream, the kind that fights germs. “That’s a good idea,” I said. There was a thoughtful pause from the backseat. Then he said, “Gbot can be a virus.”

But the most consistent response to my question, “What do you want to be for Halloween?” is: Spiderman. GBot’s is Batman.


I want Mbot to be Elmo again. I want Gbot to be Dumbo again. I want them both to be bunnies, or plush dinosaurs, or Winnie the Pooh. I just want them to be something fluffy.

Way back (about three weeks ago), when Mbot was going to be “Woody the cowboy, with a rope to lasso cows,” and Gbot was going to be a space ranger, Mbot suggested that I be a cow. Now that I will be escorting two micro superheroes from door to door come Halloween night, I asked Mbot what he thought I should be. “Wonder Woman,” was the answer. He obviously doesn’t know that her Lasso of Truth has the power to make anyone it captures obey.

Lynda Carter in the 70s pulls off the look. (www.deadline.com)

Do I have the guts? Do I have the quads? Do I have the cleavage?

No to two and three. I’m working on the first. Can Wonder Woman wear a cute skirt instead of star-spangled Spanx? Do I need big hair? In ten years, will the Midgets roll their eyes in mortification at the pictures? And where do I get me a Lasso of Truth?

What are you going to be for Halloween, and why?

9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted You to Be Something Fluffy

  1. You are in fact wonder woman. But I thought the rope was the lasso of truth? And I liked the invisable plane better than the rope. Holden is going to be someone from Star wars, he suggested that froglike character for me…hummm I can be a tall Yoda.

  2. Oh-Hubs and I have decided that if we do go to any Halloween parties, I will be Wonder Woman and he will be a “squint”.

    Which actually makes us Bones and Booth.

    Think anyone will get it?

    • Okay, *I* had to look that up to figure it out! I’m so out of it! Thanks for helping to keep me young and hip. (It’s a big job.) Now I’ll get it if we’re at the same party. Which I wish we would be….(So if anyone doesn’t get it, don’t blacklist them on that criterion alone….)

  3. I’ll be in Vegas for the Red Dress Run……maybe I will be Wonder Woman again but in a red dress; a costume mashup. So I’m thinking strapless red dress, aka bustier with red sheerish skirt, gold trim et al, over navy leggings. Not sure whether I’ll do the red boots.

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