Easy Answers for Today

It feels like at this point, almost three weeks in, I should be posting a recipe or a YouTube video of me making Quick and Tasty Fajitas or rugelach. Everyone’s a chef these days. But my only recent original food prep event involved frozen Costco cherries impaled on bendy straws, so unless instant mini popsicles are on your menu, don’t  tune in here for your next dinner party idea. Especially since Cherries On A Straw is labor-intensive, as you have to replace each cherry the moment it disappears into a smile. Gratifying, but not relaxing. And after, you might have to swab the bare bellies of your guests with warm wet cloths. Which could be a good thing. It’s none of my business.

I’m losing my battle again with sleep. Gbot didn’t nap today while Mbot was at preschool. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve come to depend on that ninety minutes of silence, when I can relax my vigilence, when I don’t have to give any orders or answer any questions.

Overheard from the backseat:

Gbot: “Itsy bitsy pidah wen up da wah-uh spout. Down come wain, wassed pidah ow…”

Mbot: “The Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout…”


Mbot: “Why, Mama? Why did he climb up the water spout?”

Me: “Because that’s just how the world works, Mbot. Spiders like to climb up water spouts.”

I liked my work as a magazine writer because I was always learning something, about rock climbing or glass blowing or fancy bathrooms or yurts. I find it all fascinating. Even the bathrooms (Did you know it’s not such a big project to install radiant heat in yours?). I like questions. I like answers. But today I didn’t have any better answers.

My work with the Midgets forces me to confront my ignorance. Daily, I am asked a vast quantity of questions, but they are unanswerable. Fifty koans a day. Maybe that’s another reason I started this blog. To make me feel like I know something.

Why did the Itsy Bitsy Spider climb up the water spout?

* cake pic at http://www.familyfun.go.com

2 thoughts on “Easy Answers for Today

  1. How funny. I learned about this spider only two weeks ago and still have trouble remembering the first words, whether it is itchy tipsy or rinky dinky or slippy nixy.
    How funny if this were one of those concepts that one day you have finally learned them they pop up all over where they had never been (seen) before.

    • Oh yes, the itchy tipsy spider will come back to haunt you now, again and again! I love all your variations–I go back and forth between “eensy weensy” and “itsy bitsy.” I’m sure they can both be traced back to when and where I first learned the song. No doubt the most important thing about that song is how cheerfully you sing it and, of course, the hand motions, which also vary! Who knew that song was so complicated?!

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